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Justice for Magdalenes has compiled lists of women's names who died in Magdalene Laundries, as well as gravesite photos and other documents for many institutions, including The Bethany Home.

We have also compiled 1911 census data for many of the laundries; although, please note that in many cases very little data is supplied by the religious orders — for some laundries, only initials were supplied for the census (further reinforcing the societal notion that these women were not even "worthy" of a full name for the census). Names (where provided) are alphabetised. Visit the links below for each gravesite or relevant 1911 census data. If you recognize a name as that of a family member of lost loved one, please click on the name or e-mail us about a name to advise us.

If you think you may have lost a loved one to a Magdalene Laundry elsewhere in Ireland, please e-mail us and let us now the name, age (approximate), and Laundry where the individual was incarcerated.

MapUpdated map and key of Glasnevin Magdalene gravesites
Laundry Gravesite Names 1911 Census Data Gravesite Photos Laundry Photos Documents
High Park Convent Laundry, Dublin Gravesite Names 1911 Census Data Gravesite Photos Laundry Photos Map of Glasnevin graves
St. Finbarr's Cemetery, Cork (Gerald Griffen Avenue Laundry) Gravesite Names   Gravesite Photos    
Good Shepherd Laundry, Mount St. Laurence Cemetery, Limerick Gravesite Names 1911 Census Data Gravesite Photos    
Mercy Laundry, Galway   1911 Census Data      
Good Shepherd Laundry, New Ross, Wexford   1911 Census Data      
The Bethany Home, Orwell Road, Rathgar (Protestant-run; admitted female ex-criminals and prostitutes)     Gravesite Photos   Bethany Home History
35 Ballsbridge Terrace Laundry, Dublin (Protestant-run 'refuge')   1911 Census Data      
DunLaoghaire Laundry, 12 Crofton Roat, Dublin   1911 Census Data      
Donnybrook Laundry, 6 Floraville Road, Pembroke West, Dublin   1911 Census Data   Gravesite Photos  
Gloucester Street Laundry, No. 63 Gloucester Street Lower (buildings 63.1-2 were the nun's residence; 63.3-6 were the Magdalenes), Dublin   1911 Census Data      
Good Shepherd Sundays Well Laundry, 1.1-1.5 Carrignaveigh (building 1.1 was the nuns' residence), Cork   1911 Census Data   Laundry Photos  
Good Shepherd Waterford Laundry, 20.1-20.4 College Street (building 20.1 was the nuns' residence), Waterford   1911 Census Data      
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